425 Bedford St.

In the Spring of 2011 I was one of eight artists working on sculpture and installation at a warehouse in the La Bajada neighborhood of West Dallas on 425 Bedford Street. I was thinking about the ways computation could operate outside a digital environment, and the failures, compulsions, and spirituality that imbue our ideas of order. 

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The Idea of Order, 2011, sound. Spatial data computed from the warehouse at 425 Bedford St. and composed with Wallace Stevens’, “The Idea of Order At Key West”, spoken by text-to-speech. At its original installation, the sound played on loop through four speakers installed on each side of the window that once connected an office space with the main factory floor when the warehouse was in operation. The piece was later installed at 500X Gallery, and again played through speakers flanking a window, which overlooked Dallas' industrial district. See below for audio.

Photo credit Teresa Rafidi.

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