Glyph, MIT Media Lab - 2015

On wearable devices, ambient displays, and new media interfaces, there is value in presenting video in a way that’s immediately evocative, preserving the richness of video while atomizing it to an excerpt as “glanceable” as a still image. Glyph is a (Mac OSX, Linux) tool for generating expressive gifs from video. It builds on open-source software for video/image manipulation and loop detection and provides a simple authoring interface. Glyph allows a user to automatically detect perfect loops that occur in a video, create the appearance of seamless motion in a non-looping clip, still some regions of movement in a clip to highlight others, or imbue a still frame with subtle dynamism. The part- automated, part-manual editing tool thus allows users to quickly build non- literal excerpts from video that can immediately crystalize an affective quality or crucial moment, suspending and intensifying its semantic or emotional content through continuous, seamless looping. The result is a subtle, evocative moving image that’s lightweight, transmissible, and immediately engaging. 

The Glyph authoring interface

Using Format